Praize for Itz-a-Wrap!  

The baskets Jackie made for my accounts while I was with Breakthru Beverage were beautiful. Whether     simple or elaborate, they were always impressed with the thought, care and consideration that went into   the baskets. I can always rely on Itz-a-Wrap! to create baskets I know my accounts will be excited to   receive. My go-to for gift baskets, hands-down!

Vanny Chhan  (Fall 2016) 

I had to order a basket for my Aunt in hospital at short notice. Being based in Australia this prove quite challenging. Fortunately I found Itz-a-Wrap.  Jackie’s customer service was fantastic the whole way through the process. Can’t recommend this company highly enough, particularly if you are an international purchaser.

Dr.Janice Reid, CEO - Tomco Technologies (February 2016)

I can't say enough good about this company. I have ordered once from them previously and was very pleased then. Yesterday I ordered for my grandma's birthday and Jackie went above and beyond to make sure it was delivered to her on time. I would highly recommend them, exceptional customer service!

Carla Thompson - Cranbrook, BC  (February 2016)

Jackie did a great job of putting together a champagne gift basket ('Wine 'n Appies,' customized) for my brother and his wife leaving on the train from Vancouver to Toronto. She followed up with me and even sent me a picture of the basket she put was beautiful. She followed through on everything and kept me informed as we went through the process. I highly recommend Itz-a-Wrap. Thanks to Jackie

Jill H. Ramsey - Las Vegas, NV (October 2015)

Great service. 100% satisfaction. The product (Tastes of Autumn basket) is needless to say wonderful and the selections are amazing, unlike others that fill their baskets with crackers! Highly recommend this business, their product and services. 

But let me tell you about the service. Jackie the owner is the individual I got in touch with from the get go. I am in Ontario and wanted to send a gift in North Vancouver. To my amazement she stayed with me and supported me every step of the way. Since I had a special case, she put so much extra effort and personal attention to her work which shows how reputable her company is. 

This basket has been prepared with so much love for what she is doing. Jackie I called you an angel but you opt for a goddess... Indeed you are both. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done here for me. 

All I wanted to say is I give your organization and service 100% satisfaction and highly recommend you. All the best with you and your business. I look forward to work with you on many happy occasions. Thank you Jackie for being so wonderful. You run your business with great professionalism wrapped in love for what you are doing.

L. Gorjianfar - Ontario, Canada (October, 2015)

Jackie and the team at Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets are truly reliable people to work with. All the gift baskets they have delivered to our clients have been amazing and unique. Quality, attention to detail, great service and dedication are evident in the personal touch one gets when you deal with Jackie. I would recommend anyone looking for a unique basket to contact Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets! 

Shiro O. - Business Development & Public Relations Manager

Tikal Construction Ltd. - Mission, BC

(December 2014) 

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jackie and her team at Itz-A-Wrap! Gift Baskets for the first time, located in Vancouver during November 2014. I had asked her to create 50 customized baskets for a conference with contents that I had ordered from another vendor in Toronto, Ontario, and for them to be shipped to her to utilize.

Throughout the entire process, her email communication was always very friendly, responsive and professional, truly demonstrating what excellent customer service is. I also loved that she was able to send me mockups of what our baskets would look like prior to any of the contents arriving to her.

However, a nightmare struck when our basket contents did not arrive to her in one full order, and when we were missing several components from our vendor just days before the baskets needed to be finished, Jackie reassured me that they would be completed to our high expectations one way or another. She was able to pull together last minute her own resources and materials to make our baskets look phenomenal, and they were a HUGE hit at our conference! I couldn’t be more appreciative and thankful for all of her efforts! I would highly recommend using her services – she is spectacular, and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome!  

Stephanie L., Marketing Associate – Toronto, ON

(November 2014)

Jackie and her team at Itz-a-Wrap Gift Baskets were truly exceptional to deal with. They were very accommodating to our requests and embraced our vision, in terms of what we wanted to send to our clients. They made the process seamless once the details were finalized. The baskets were simply amazing and we would definitely recommend Itz-a-Wrap. You are not just getting quality service, but a personal touch with every basket!

 ~Thank-you Jackie and Team ~

October, 2014

Rick Floer & Team

Investors Group Financial Services

Jackie and the team at Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets in Vancouver was a dream to deal with on our recent basket order. We purchased 45 baskets, rather last minute, and Jackie was able to create something to support our conference colors, while staying right on budget! The baskets looked beautiful, were delivered promptly and were loved by everyone that received them. I would use Itz-a-Wrap! without hesitation for future orders and will recommend them to anyone seeking gift baskets in the Vancouver area and across Canada.

Alison K., NuCerity International

(September 2014)

Jackie … it’s great to have you as a reliable contact out west who delivers such an excellent product.  We appreciate your attention to detail and the level of customer service you provide. 

Paula C. - Ontario (Fall 2014)

I've used the service of basket delivery in many countries, and Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets is definitely the best! Jackie, who is the owner of the business, puts her heart in making sure every basket is special. I remember the first time I used her service, she dropped me an email describing my friend's reaction when he received the basket. Only a person who takes pride in her work will go that extra mile. I'll strongly recommend Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets to anyone who needs baskets delivery in Vancouver, BC. 

Thanks, Jackie, for all the special requests. Dennis had loved all the baskets you delivered to him, especially the one with all kinds of tea in it. It's a pity he didn't manage to finish them all before he went to God. My heartfelt thanks to you for all your help.

Anissa Low - Singapore

(July 2014) 

I recommend the site/business 'Itz-a-Wrap!' I am from Brazil and needed to deliver a basket for my boyfriend who is in Canada. I talked with Jackie, and she was very kind and helped me a lot. The basket she made (Truffle Tease) was beautiful, and she did a very good job! 

Jackie, thank you again for the wonderful job!!

Caroline M. - Campinas, SP, Brasil

(July 2014) 

Five stars for Jackie and her wonderful service! 

I live in Australia but have parents and siblings in Canada and this service allows me to send personalized baskets to family when I can't get there for special occasions. Few businesses offer such great service--I get baskets tailor-made and always delivered on time and with good cheer. Jackie sources my family's favourite brands and products and packages them up with lovely special touches. It's been the perfect annual birthday gift for a dad who has everything (but never knocks back a vintage scotch with chocolates and nuts) and siblings who need a bit of pampering every now and then. She's become my 'special occasion angel!' 

Meg - Canberra, Australia

(June 2014) 

A big BIG thank you to Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets for delivering Rebecca's birthday present (Pretty Purse), and for their 'way above and beyond service.' Exceptional customer service. Great products. They took the time to talk to me and make sure my order was right when I made an error during the process. They really pay attention! I can't recommend them enough. 

Matthew Y. - South Africa

(June 2014) 

Jackie at Itz-a-Wrap! has been a pleasure to deal with, and we've been using her services for about a year now! She looks after wrapping the gift packages we give to our customers when they purchase a vehicle from us. We have had countless compliments from those customers and it is due to the great job Jackie has done.

Whenever we need more packages wrapped, Jackie gets them to us incredibly quickly and makes sure no customer leaves without a gift pack!

Jackie, thanks very much for all your hard work over the last year, and we look foward to continuing to work with you in the future!

Chris Lane, Service Manager  -  Clarkdale Volkswagen

(June, 2013)

Hi Jackie,

Based on all the beautiful descriptive remarks from 'Tracy,' I can only surmise you went far beyond the standard call of duty and went all out to give her something that she is in awe over and thrilled beyond belief (PS I Luv You basket, May 2013).

On such short notice I am truly grateful to you and it is testiment to your creative skills and devotion to your profession. A rarity indeed today, just like the person who received it!

The day after and 'Tracy' is still beaming about everything you put perfectly together for her. She loves everything in it. She did send me some pictures and loves the tea especially!

Thank you so much again for all your diligent effort and thought into creating such an exquisite basket. I now know who to call for professional and most personable service in the future!

Owen F.

c. Whistler, BC


Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the basket for my daughter and for your assistance. My daughter and her family were thrilled about the design and the content of the basket. ('Kitchen Kindness' basket, December 2012)

Gabriela, Israel 

I was referred to Jackie by a friend when we needed a couple of gift baskets delivered fairly quickly. The entire process was seamless from order to delivery. The baskets were nicely presented and arrived as promised. I now use Itz-a-Wrap for all my gift basket needs. Great work!

Alan Gumboc, Events and Programming Coordinator - Green College, University of British Columbia

 Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets has provided me with quality baskets and delivery for several years. They are my "go to" company when I want a well-priced and tasteful gift for my corporate clients. I highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed! 

 Leanne Harder - Olive Branch Consulting, Vancouver, BC   

Itz-a-Wrap is the kind of business you really want to support. Jackie is the most friendliest and knowledgeable person you will have the pleasure of working with. She is very attentive to your needs and can put together the perfect gift basket for you after talking to you for about 5 minutes! I love that her business is local and very committed to the highest quality. Unlike what you'd get when you order through a national chain, you will get the best quality for half the price.

I had a special request to get a special gift basket for my husband on the same day and without any hesitation, Jackie was not only able to whip together the perfect basket for him, but she got it there within a couple of hours and didn't charge me any extra that is TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  I highly recommend Itz-a-Wrap for every occasion and especially for those "just because I love you" days!  Keep up the excellent work!!!

#1 Customer and Fan, Jewelee 

Our company has used Itz-a-Wrap for several years and has found the selection and service to be simply outstanding.  Both our corporate clients and employees have been consistently delighted with the gifts they have received. The packages are always beautifully presented and they are open to customizing to your specific budget and requirements.  I would highly recommend Itz-a-Wrap for your gift giving needs.  Jackie has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure you get what you want when you want it.

Linda P. - Richmond Branch 

For the past 5 years, Jackie has created some beautiful baskets for our friends and family in Vancouver, Abbotsford and Victoria. I feel Jackie has gone the extra mile for me on many occasions. I was so pleased to hear that she personally delivered a special basket to my Dad in the nursing home and visited with him. For me to hear that she spent time visiting my Dad far outweighed the gift. Thank you Jackie!
Rachel L. - Perth, Western Australia 

Itz-a-Wrap! worked on the wrapping of gifts for the International Olympic Committee's gifting program for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Using the materials provided by Moving Products and the IOC, they wrapped or packaged a total of 14,500 items which were packed into 1300 individual bags. Jackie's team followed our client's rigid requests and prepared the gifts to their high standard.

Jackie's work was greatly appreciated and all packages were completed on time and on budget. I recommend their wrapping services to any project, large or small.

Kate Robson, Logistics Manager - Moving Products Inc.

Itz-a-Wrap! is a wonderful custom basket company that always delivers quality products and is available whenever needed.  Jackie has saved my life on more then one occasion!

Blair Hackman, 2nd Unit Production Coordinator - Smallville 9 Films Inc.  

Thanks again Jackie for your wonderful contributions to the November 2010 cover shot of Vancouver Magazine. The magnificent decorative styling that your company provided was absolutely breath taking. Your sensitivity to detail is just superb, the ribbon colors and designs you selected where fabulous. They all worked great with the white backgrounds and boxes. The response from the art department at the magazine - was to say the least overwhelmingly positive. We will be sure to recommend you for any future projects that require such quality craftsmanship. We look forward to working together again in the near future. 

Warm Regards,

David Fierro - David Fierro Photography (November 2009 and 2010 issues)

Thank you for your beautiful baskets.  We always receive back the most incredible feedback from the people who receive them. Apparently they are blown away by the quality, variety of treats inside and unique personal attention that you put into these masterpieces. Thank you very much! It will by our pleasure to recommend your baskets--please use us as a reference!  

Maya Sinclaire, President of Aquablanket Inc.

I am just wanting to thank you so much for the gift basket (Winter Hibernation) for John & Lori - my daughter chatted on Facebook briefly tonight - she was snugged up in bed with her cuddly bear listening to Christmas music (even though she is 31-years old!)- so it has been perfect - they are going to Banff  for Christmas and will enjoy the goodies there. She is loving everything in it. So thank you very much for all the trouble you went to. I appreciate it so much. 

Kind regards, ‘Alison’ in Australia 

Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets once again custom-designed beautiful and festive Christmas baskets ('Gloria', 2009) /gift packs (2008) for my employees and customers. Jackie also worked within my budget which I was thankful for considering the economic turbulence in 2009. Thank-you Itz A Wrap! 

David N. - Rapid Tax Centre, Vernon, BC


You are truly the greatest!! You have really gone all out for me I can tell and it is so appreciated. Your service is spectacular. Thank you.

Sandra S. - Spark Design Co, Smithers, BC

I just wanted you to know that my mother-in-law loved her basket ! It was perfect! Your service was truly awesome as she called us three times yesterday to brag about what was in her Mother's Day basket !! Thanks,

Darlene - Okanagan, BC

All the way from Dubai I needed a personal service that would help make someone feel special on Valentines.  I found Itz-a-Wrap's service cherishable and prompt.  Not only did they deliver my needs on time on a busy day of the year, they also used care and kindness putting a bit of TLC into the presentation!

Judith P - Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

I just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional service I received yesterday. I am impressed that on such a busy day as Valentine's Day you were able to process my online order and deliver it on time, and without the expensive 'wire' charges that most flower shops charge. I will definitely order from you again!

Tracy - Edmonton, Alberta

Jackie, the mugs ('Warm Up to Christmas') were a hit last night! A lot of people were milling around looking for their favourite designs. We really appreciate the work that you did in this project."

Stephanie d.P., Marketing Assistant - Cadillac Fairview, Vancouver

"I had the pleasure of having Jackie facilitate on a workshop on "Itz a Wrap" (gift wrapping techniques) for a group of BCAA employees....I was impressed with Jackie's ability to grasp the audience's attention and deliver an informative presentation. Her presentation was well-organized and offered many tips for our employees to take away and try on their own. Here are a few examples of (employee's) comments....:

"She had samples of her ideas which were good--an actual visual of the product."

"She was clear and easy to listen to."

"She had a lot of good ideas...."

....I would recommend Jackie for any type of similar seminars.


Michelle P., Human Resources - BCAA, Burnaby, BC

Working with Jackie and her gift wrapping service was the best customer service I have received from anyone in very long time! From the efficiency of our first phone call to receiving a kind thank you letter one week later, I truly felt taken care of and how much she genuinely appreciated having our business.  Not only was she very professional and helped us on short notice, her impressive service included pick up and drop off, high quality gift wrapping paper, ribbons and personal attention to detail matching the paper with the colors of our corporate logo � it was an unbelievable value! Most of all, the wrapping work itself exceeded my expectations - exquisite, flawless, modern and original! I am definitely using Jackie again and referring more business her way!

Best regards,

Lynn C., Executive Assistant – Ubisoft Vancouver Inc. (previously Action Pants Inc.)  

Jackie: Thanks again for the Easter delivery (Easter Bouquet of Treats) for my (adult) son. He really enjoyed all the delicious candy and found the Easter chick to be pretty funny! Your service obviously deserves the praise! 

Teri F. - Jonesborough, TN

Thank you so much for your special efforts to deliver such a lovely basket (Gingerbread Baker) to my daughter in time for Christmas. Professional service with a personal touch is something to be treasured, and you have gone the extra mile! Your website address is going out to my mailing list today! All the best! 

Claire N. - Sudbury, Ontario 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful gift basket (Movie Fun) you put together for my clients. They absolutely loved it and I was pleased to be able to present them with a gift that was appropriate for each family member. The children were thrilled with the popcorn containers and of course all of the goodies that were included. 

Denise Baker, Realtor - HomeLife Benchmark Titus Realty No. 10 Hwy, Surrey, BC