Harvest Vegetable Gift Baskets – Give a gift of ‘plenty’ this Thanksgiving!

Harvest of Plenty Gift Basket

‘Harvest of Plenty’ Gift Basket by Itz-a-Wrap! Gift Baskets

Canadian Thanksgiving is fast approaching this weekend! Wondering what to bring your dinner hosts as a thank you gift?

I love Thanksgiving and the memories it stirs from my elementary school years: cornucopias of plenty overflowing with fresh vegetables & fruits and nuts. Turkey on the table. Freshly-baked pumpkin pie. The pilgrims (Plymouth Colonists) who, in 1621, gave us the first-ever Thanksgiving celebration when they shared an autumn feast with the local Wampanoag Native Americans in Massachusetts.

I started to wonder how could I incorporate some of these traditional images into a new Thanksgiving basket. And then the idea came. Recently I had heard about a not-for-profit farm in Surrey (located in the Greater Vancouver area) that donates 90% of its crop to their local Food Bank. God’s Little Acre Farm (GLAF) www.godslittleacrefarm.com is the result of one man’s vision, Jas Singh, to make a difference to those less fortunate in his community. And that vision yielded 62,000lbs of potatoes for the poor their first harvest. It’s a volunteer-driven initiative funded by corporate and individual donations, gifts-in-kind, profits made from the 10% of the crops sold at their on-site market and, simply, funded by compassion and kindness.

I was so intrigued by this story that I started following GLAF on Facebook.  Touched by the stories of the hundreds of faithful volunteers and Jas’ personal sacrifices, I felt compelled to somehow get involved. The wheels started turning….people send fruit baskets and flowers all the time…Thanksgiving is fast-approaching…I like to be unique. Why not a create a ‘harvest vegetable’ gift basket filled with fresh, seasonal vegetables from the farm??!! It’s a perfect way to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving while indirectly supporting God’s Little Acre Farm. And really, it is a rather unusual gift….who sends baskets of vegetables? I may not have a goat’s horn to use as a cornucopia, but I do have some nice baskets!

So, off to the farm I went a few weekends back to check it out and meet Jas and some of  the good volunteers working that day. And to check out the ‘goods.’ Wow!! Ginormous zucchinis, healthy-looking squashes, field cukes, bright-orange carrots…I became excited about eating vegetables in a way I never had, they just looked so fresh and edible! Off to the side I scurried to create my own cornucopia of abundance (aka as the ‘Harvest of Plenty’ gift basket by Itz-a-Wrap!) filled with vegetables from the farm. (Thanks to volunteer Rick for the photo!)

Our ‘Harvest of Plenty’ gift basket is available for advance order on our website http://www.itzawrapbaskets.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=213&osCsid=1da413a2e711944ca69c510094be58b0 .

OR, if you live in the Greater Vancouver area, why not take a trip out the farm and make a day of it? There is an ‘abundance’ of volunteer opportunities available for individuals, groups, and families. Shop at their market and create your own Thanksgiving gift basket. Learn more about how GLAF started and of their future plans, and ask how you might get further involved.

Follow GLAF on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GodsLittleAcreFarm or visit www.godslittleacrefarm.com Hours and contact info for volunteer or sponsorship opportunities can be found there. (Note: farm is closed on Sundays.)

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